Welcome to the 3D Scanning Wiki

This Wiki is a work in progress, we would love for any industry professionals and hobbyists to help us fill out these pages.

About The 3D scanning Wiki

The 3D scanning wiki aims to be a strong source for everything needed to work in the 3D scanning industry, from hobbyist to professional levels.

This wiki has been setup by the 3D Scanning Discord as a dedicated place to store valuable information, links and workflows.



  • Macro Scanning
  • Aerial Scanning
  • Image Processing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Automation
  • The Void Method


Use Cases

  • Game Engines
  • WebGL
  • Holographic/Lightfield Displays
  • XR
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Concept and Design
  • Measurement

DIY Scanning - Projects to follow along

  • Building a turntable
  • Cross polarized ring flash


Current Wiki Plans

As this wiki is new, we have to set out some basic guidelines for all pages to follow, this includes page priorities and restrictions on content.

Our current page priority list can be found here at page priority list. We are also working on setting up the template for all of our articles to be based upon.

Submission Rules

Due to the early nature of this wiki, we must setup some strict rules. Please see them at submission rules

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